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african grey parrot sings Sponge Bob theme song

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I feel like I misspelled “moron”
Lol at first I thought you called her a mormon but yeah when we meet up at the end of class i’m gonna be like “i thought you had mono”
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omg this girl in my group said she had mono yesterday and couldn’t make it to the meeting but she’s in class today wtf

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got up at 6 am to study for a test ive been putting off except now i calculated that i need a 56 to keep an A in the class and wow i’m being a lazy butt

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Victory tea

Artist: ♣3

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super frustrated with registration. i have 24 hours till i graduate. that is 2 more semesters. there is not a single spot in a single class that i need to take that is available.

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so i’ve watched half of season 1 of how i met your mother a long time ago and i just read the plot synopsis for the series finale and i’m so glad i dropped that shit show long ago

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The Ringleader, the Samurai, and the Archer

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